Sweesha. The Swiss Designer Sheesha. Bubbles of Pleasure!

Much more than just a sheesha.  A design statement.  A swanky incarnation of modern trendiness and dependable functionality, you.  Smart design and Swiss precision craftsmanship bring about this masterpiece of functional artwork.  

Sweesha factory Moulin Bornu

Manufactured in Switzerland, the factory is situated nowhere less than in the idyllic Moulin Bornu, a mill at the junction of two rivers, each flowing into opposite oceans, considered the centre of the world by the old Swiss people.  Here, the finest components are hand picked by passionate craftsmen and assembled to the magnificent Sweesha under the watchful eye of the Swiss traditional manufacturing standards.  

Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but the Sweesha holds many benefits, from its enduringly tough and break resistant construction, to the choice of the most hygienic and ethical materials to protect you and the environment.  Your Sweesha is a recognized symbol of your style.

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